My inspiration comes in waves. I get super inspired to try something new, break out of the norm, challenge myself, complete a project. Sometimes I’m neutral-inspired :) Not super-inspired, but not painfully uninspired. And then there are those rare moments where a truck full of inspiration could crash into me and I still wouldn’t feel inspired.

For me, it seems random how and when I feel enlivened by an idea. Sometimes it’s the urge to finish decorating my apartment (sooo close to being done), learn French in the car just for fun (in progress), tweet about cool initiatives (like Compass Fellows and Triangle Entrepreneurship Week), come up with cool coffee combinations (like this morning’s vanilla-toasted almond), or make a new creative playlist (Michael Doughty + Hilary Duff + Frank Sinatra….anyone?). Sometimes it’s bigger, like starting a business (The Raleigh Forum), or helping others connect (getting involved in GW’s NC alumni chapter), or volunteering (with Change the Triangle).

So though it seems random, how do I ensure that I keep getting hit by inspiration?

  • Browse Pinterest for inspiring images
  • Follow interesting people and organizations on Twitter to see what they’re doing to make each day productive and awesome
  • Maintain a blogroll on Google Reader (for example, this morning I read Austin Yoder’s post about talking to strangers, which got me thinking about cool little ways to brighten yours and others’ days)
  • Browse BHG, Real Simple, and other neat websites for healthy, fresh recipe inspiration
  • Take a yoga or Pilates class. It may be hard for me to get my butt in there but once I come out, I’m always lit up and feel strangely sane :)
  • Surround myself with proactive people who make it a point to be inspired throughout their days
But what about those moments when I feel uninspired? Is there a way to jump-start creativity when I’m 100% blah or do I have to wait it out? Tell me how YOU do it!
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