Just a few months ago, I reconnected with the Nordgren family, who used to go to the Waldorf school with me back in first grade! I hadn’t seen any of them in many years, but I ran into Carl {the dad} at a downtown Raleigh networking event. He reconnected me with Krista Anne, who was in my class way back when. Krista mentioned that she and her sisters were starting a business and, just a few months later, it is blowing up! They were just featured on Fast Company Design, which demonstrates the potential of their idea!

According to their website, “Combining the ideas of online sales, buying local, and the renewed passion for handmade goods, we created The Makery as a new way to build community-supported commerce and support our friends, neighbors, and new favorite artists.

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  1. We love the Roman sisters!! Happy to be Sister Act II!

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