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when one door closes another one opens

It is with very mixed emotions that I write this post. On Wednesday I received a call from LivingSocial, letting me know that my position was being eliminated (along with about 399 other jobs). Effective almost immediately.

I felt and still feel a mix of things: sadness that I will no longer be with the company that I started with almost two years ago; sadness that I can’t maintain the projects I had been working on; and sadness that I won’t be able to represent the LivingSocial brand anymore. I feel nervousness as I head back out into the job search and sympathy for the other laid-off workers, many of whom may be in more difficult positions than me because of financial obligations or their families.

But I also feel gratitude to the company that let me move back to North Carolina, switch from being an intern to a full-time worker, and change departments to be in one that fit me better. I feel gratitude for the company that sent me to Raleigh and New York City for chaotic but fun-filled trips and trusted me enough to let me take over many aspects of the recruiting team’s social media. And I feel gratitude for the coworkers who sent me countless articles on how to improve my skills, taught me countless sourcing techniques, and supported my countless professional goals.

And perhaps most of all, I feel hope. I feel hope that I will end up in a career that makes me happy and in the meantime, I’ll find something (or somethings) that let me explore my passions.

I was

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  1. Sorry to hear this but will definitely let you know if I hear of anything! One company to check out is my husband’s– he works for Sharefile, which was acquired by Citrix in 2011. It’s a huge company and they are ALWAYS hiring. You might be able to find an open position in something you’re interested in.

  2. Beth A. Onyenwoke

    Very brave post from you, Cristina. And most people are aware that LivingSocial is going through a lot of changes right now that have absolutely nothing to do with you & your marvelous abilities.

    With a resume like yours there will be a great number of opportunities coming your way soon. I’m not much of a fan of gluten-free beer, but if you need a cup of coffee or a tea break I’d love to catch up and see how I can help you.

  3. Christina, I am so sorry to hear this and will certainly let you know if I hear of anything. You are a talented, enterprising and outgoing woman – I am certain you won’t be job searching for long!

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  5. Hi Cristina — I’m sorry to hear this news, however I agree that when one door closes, another opens. I have faith that you will find the perfect job in no time! I will continue to keep my eyes and ears open for other opportunities in the area.


  6. So sad, especially after such a fun night! I don’t know about many openings other than teaching positions, but I’ll be thinking about you:)

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  9. Cristina,

    I’m sorry this happened to you! I’m in the same boat and will keep my eyes and ears open for you!



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