how to be a good guest blogger

As a blogger, you probably know about the benefits of guest blogging for other sites- it boosts your blog’s SEO, you build strategic partnerships, and you get your content and ideas in front of new eyes.

I recently wrote about best practices for hosting guest bloggers, but now I’m flipping it around to show you how to be a good guest blogger. Not surprisingly, a lot of my suggestions are the same on both sides. If all host bloggers and guest bloggers followed them, the process would be flawless ;)

The following practices show that you respect the blogger you’re partnering with and value their time- it minimizes the amount of time that they have to format your post, search for your Twitter handle, find your bio online, and figure out alt tags for your photos…just to name a few.

Suggest topics: Feel free to ask the host blogger if they have topics they would love to have written (for example, I have well over 100 blog post ideas that I just haven’t gotten around to that I would LOVE to have someone write for me!) but always have a few ideas to pitch as well to save the back-and-forth of figuring out a potential topic. A good practice: keep an internal Google doc of possible topics that you can refer to when you find a blog you want to guest post on.

Set a deadline- and stick to it:

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