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I always have trouble answering the question “What does your ideal work day look like?” because my perfect work days look pretty varied- hence the “work day(s)” part of this blog title! One day I might be absolutely content working in pajamas all day, one day I might want to get out and about, one day I might be fine working until 2am, and another day I might want to be networking all day.

So let’s assume you have complete flexibility over your schedule (let me tell you- it’s both a blessing and a curse!).

What time would you go to bed and wake up?

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  1. I’ve been cursed with wanting to be a night owl and an early riser! If I had my way, I would go to bed at 11 and wake up at 5.

  2. hi there, i just came by your site via your OneWomanShop site and i’m so glad i’ve found it! Like you (and probably most of your readers), i’m a solopreneur/entrepreneur trying to build a multi-stream business and am struggling with routine, stability, managing stuff myself vs outsourcing etc. looking forward to more like-minded individuals, community, inspiration and tips! :)

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