I miss my little blog! For the past few years, it’s been a consistent place for me to document my day-to-day happenings, my favorite recipes (especially during my transition to gluten-free eating), my career journey, and my advice for dominating the online world through online presence management. As I said before, I always hear other people say that their blog is the first thing to go when they get busy, but that hasn’t been the case for me- until now.

I’ve been trying to make an effort to get offline more, especially now that my entire job consists of online work. Pinning recipes is not the same as making them. Looking at images of yoga poses is not the same as going to yoga class. Reading book reviews is not the same as reading books. I’m trying to remember all of that,

Back in my GWU days, I was very involved in the then-emerging field of social entrepreneurship. I co-founded The GW Social Enterprise Forum, helped launch the GW chapter of Compass Fellows, interned with Ashoka and Social Enterprise Associates, and read SocialEarth like it was my job. So I jumped at the chance to attend this year’s AshokaU Exchange as a representative of Leadership ExCHANGE

recruiting lithium technologies

Over the past week, I’ve been reading about the impact of Facebook Graph Search on social recruiting. Parsing through my Google Alert that captures anything on social recruiting.

On the 4th day of our cruise, four of us took a catamaran to go snorkeling in Nassau. It was such a fun experience and I would highly recommend it- luckily we didn’t have any scary eel or water snake run-ins!

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When we got on the catamaran, we plopped down in the trampoline-y area where some of our cruise friends were. My friend and I proceeded to take out the plastic microphones that we had brought along and force everyone in our little area to introduce

I have a problem. Professionally, I want to do it all. Sometimes, that makes branding myself and my business, as well as maintaining a somewhat sane life, challenging. What you see below is the definition of a brain dump: “…the transfer of a large quantity of information from one person…to a piece of paper…” I literally wrote the following without stopping to edit it or think about it (though I did go back to add links), which means it is my honest, (almost) complete assession of my current interests and desires:

I want to…
…edit resumes and give career feedback to women of all socioeconomic backgrounds
…write inspirational pieces for career-minded women, freelancers, and those in search of more productive lives
…run online productivity seminars for individuals, groups, and corporations
…use the skills I learned in recruiting to teach others how to hack their lives
…run seminars where women can build on or off-line portfolios showcasing their skills and experience
…teach individuals and small business owners the wonderful world of social media
….connect and share blog posts with like-minded individuals who love career development, productivity, and gluten-free cooking
…empower small business owners to take control of their online presences
…try my hand in marketing for different industries like fashion, social entrepreneurship, law, and recruiting
…help individuals brand themselves online and dominate the front page of Google
…run a group for young entrepreneurial women in Raleigh to share openly, give feedback, and have fun
…continue building brown bag lunch sessions to equip entrepreneurs in the Triangle with important business information
Is that so much to ask?!

This is a pre-scheduled post. I am currently taking advantage of my flexible work schedule by taking a mid-week cruise to Key West and the Bahamas!

Freelancer #1 wakes up at 7am, check her personal email, goes to the gym, showers, brews coffee, puts on business casual attire, and sets up shop in her home office. Throughout the day, she takes several breaks to eat a snack, use the bathroom, fill up on coffee, eat lunch, and check personal email and social media accounts. At 5pm, she wraps up her work for the day, turns off her computer, and disconnects from anything work related until the next day.

working in bed freelance scheduleFreelancer #2 wakes up at 9:30am (after snoozing a few times), brews coffee, and climbs back into bed, still in pajamas, to read up on blogs. Around 10am, she begins to hammer out work for clients then takes a 2 hour break at 2pm to grocery shop, eat lunch, and put a meal into the Crockpot for dinner. She actively works until 7pm and then sends several emails and quick tweets as she works out at the gym.

Freelancer 1 and 2 do the same amount of work per week. They both always look presentable when meeting with a client and are equally respected by their clients. So is one freelancer better than the other? Linda Cole, who advises women to “never, ever wear [their] slippers!” would probably say the Freelancer #2 is doing it the “wrong” way.

Which brings us to the eternal question for freelancers: stick to a traditional 9-5 schedule with rules that reflect the “mainstream” workplace or take advantage of your flexibility and buck the system?

I have some confessions: sometimes I work from my bed with my glorious heating pad under my feet. Sometimes I work from my kitchen table with my slippers on. Sometimes Friends or rap music is playing in the background. Sometimes I want to try out a recipe I saw in my Google Reader right away, even if it’s 10am. Sometimes I go to a coworking space wearing business casual attire. Sometimes I put in too few hours. Sometimes I put in a shockingly large number of hours.

Part of me thinks I should be Freelancer #1. That there is a reason people set those strict standards for themselves. Or that I should be “normal” in case I end up back in a traditional office setting one day soon.

But the warm, cozy part of me that’s pumping out client work like a boss? At least for now, she disagrees.

What do you think? Should freelancers stick to “normal” work settings or take advantage of their flexibility?

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As we speak, I’m on my way to Jacksonville to board a cruise to Key West and the Bahamas. Any posts you see this week will be scheduled- I’ll be internet-free as I enjoy pina coladas, play ping pong, relax with a book, and make friends!

your cruise to do list

I’m no cruise expert- I’ve been on one so far, which hardly competes with the hardcore cruise

My recipe,

Why That’s a Dumb Social Media “Rule”

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I’m always baffled when I hear people say “nobody cares what you ate for lunch” as a way of explaining how social media should be used. At the risk of sounding too declarative: wrong.

Thousands of bloggers have built their blog content- and income- around snapping pictures of each and every meal they eat. FoodSpotting

Yesterday, I met Will Hardison

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