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I forgot to announce…I’m moving! I’m moving into a close by apartment with a new roommate, a garbage disposal (!), a fireplace (!), a washer and dryer (!), a dishwasher (!), a balcony (!!!), and a pool (!!!). Woo! And the best (and craziest) part? It’s cheaper than my current place.

I haven’t had a roommate in 2+ years, but I’m excited to venture back into the roommate world. When I say “roommate,” I mean “apartment mate,” so I won’t actually be sharing a room (whew!). I know it won’t all be fun and games, but I’m looking forward to reduced rent, expanding my social circle, possibly indulging in cable TV, sharing clothes and books, and hopefully fun girly roommate nights.

I obviously have a lot to do before I move:


Donate stuff to Goodwill {and possibly save some for a future

I’m sitting with my sister on the couch and she is begging me to write a life update on my blog- which is funny, because she knows everything that goes on in my life!

I was about to type “The past few weeks have been a whirlwind” but I realized 1) I overuse the expression “whirlwind” and 2) when is my life not a whirlwind?! Good thing I like it hectic.

  • Smashingly successful open house for our coworking space (officially The Raleigh Forum); tons of people came out to explore the space, mingle, and enjoy our refreshments
  • Endless promotions for the space
  • Hired an Office Assistant (that’s right, we have an employee! So cool)
  • Spoke with my sister about The Raleigh Forum at a Ladies NC networking event
  • Assigned to several new projects at my recruiting job
  • Put the almost-final touches on my apartment- pictures coming soon! Let’s just say I’m very happy
  • Did a Warrior Dash-esque run through Umstead Park
  • Made

I was THRILLED when I walked into my new apartment. First of all, it’s HUGE. Like a palace. So big, in fact, that I have to do some creative thinking to FILL the space (I’m used to buying furniture and accessories that serve double duty so I can fit everything, but now I need more things so it doesn’t look empty).

Did you see that? Look again.

Yes, I have a foyer. How grown up is that?! Not to mention both a linen closet and

Soo I’ve officially moved to NC for the summer. It hasn’t exactly been a smooth transition- we have so much to do with the townhouse, so it’s been a bit chaotic and stressful. I have no doubt that in the next week we’ll feel more settled in and HAPPY.

On the plus side, I’ve interviewed with some great babysitting families, ran lots of important errands, been Bob the Builder (put together our furniture), signed up for Habitat for Humanity, got an apartment in DC, and joined the coolest gym.

My last few days in DC were great. On Cinco de Mayo my friend and I accidentally ended up on a huge boat on the Georgetown Harbor…again! I’ve decided that my first “grown up” investment will be a boat, because there is nothing like hanging out on a boat on a beautiful summer night.

I’m trying to think of ways to decorate my studio next year so I’ve been looking at pictures online. My inspiration:

I love looking at all of the rooms on

Clearly I’m ALL about the colors. I’m aiming for an eclectic but put-together look. Any advice?

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