This is it, folks. The last day that we get to diligently dig through the archives of my blog- formerly known as Cristina’s Life, now known as Scintillating Simplicity.

But don’t worry- you can always dig through the archives on your own here! You’ll see that there are several subsections, including the last 30 posts, posts by categories, and posts by date.

Now, without further ado:

One Year Ago Today:

11 Months Ago Today: Pastaaa with ?

10 Months Ago Today: Looking for a Job? Cultivate Your Network

9 Months Ago Today: Recap- Last Week of Undergrad

8 Months Ago Today: A Foyer?!

6 Months Ago Today: Kitchen Tips from a Cooking Enthusiast

5 Months Ago Today: Frivolous To Dos & Giving Myself a Break

2 Months Ago Today: In Honor of My Sista

Happy Monday! I’m lying in bed listening to the classical station on Pandora and sipping the soy misto my sister just delivered to my front door. Hand-delivered in the morning? Now that’s love {so is giving up your last few pieces of sushi when your sister is upset haha}.

Bear with me as we get close to wrapping up the Diggin’ Through the Archives series. Kinda crazy to see what happens in a year, right? Imagine trying to sum up the

10 Months Ago Today: Shift Series Recap

8 Months Ago Today: So Many Things on the Horizon

4 Months Ago Today: Do Something Nice Day

2 Months Ago Today: #TRFLovesIt Video & Gluten Deprivation

1 Month Ago Today: A Night in Raleighwood Giveaway

One Year Ago Today: Tip Time {Hint: Don’t overdo events}

11 Months Ago Today: Tip of the Week- Feedback Cues {Hint: The title says it all haha}

10 Months Ago Today: Harmonized Living- New Website Launch {My short-lived blog}

7 Months Ago Today: To The Top of the Mountain

6 Months Ago Today: On the Menu for Next Week

4 Months Ago Today: The Roman Sisters Take Savannah, Part II

One Year Ago Today: Bayou DC {Aw, so many fun nights at Bayou- which was just a hop, skip, and a jump from my apartment. I actually had my grad dinner there!}

11 Months Ago Today: Quick & Easy Island Stir Fry

10 Months Ago Today: Scintillating Simplicity & “Good to Be Me” {The day I found out my little nephew Gabe was on the way!}

9 Months Ago Today: Recipe- Pasta Romesco

4 Months Ago Today: The Roman Sisters Take Savannah {Itching to go back ASAP}

3 Months Ago Today: Link Love {Still trying to get a handle on those Google tricks. Trust me, they’re worth learning}

2 Months Ago Today: When Opportunity Knocks {Words of wisdom}

1 Month Ago Today: Recipe Link Love {Love the sweet potato mac and cheese}

One Year Ago Today: Highlights

11 Months Ago Today: Recipe- Eggplant Moussaka in the Crockpot

9 Months Ago Today: Sister Entrepreneurship {Anddd less than a month later, we decided to open a coworking space!}

8 Months Ago Today: Sun-Dried Tomato and Pesto Shrimp Sandwich

7 Months Ago Today:

One Year Ago Today: 11 Goals for 2011 {Wow- I managed to accomplish most of them, even the big ones, like starting a new venture. Pat on the back,Cristina ;) }

11 Months Ago Today: Cure the Winter Blues {Despite the 50s weather today, I know I’ll be pulling up this post in just a few weeks. But this year, we’ve thought of the best way to cure the winter blues- plan a February cruise to the Bahamas!}

10 Months Ago Today: GW Bites- GW Business Plan Competition

9 Months Ago Today: Week Recap and Weekend to Come & To the End of Cupcakes…

8 Months Ago Today: A Portfolio Career- The Way of the Future? {Yes! For me at least}

7 Months Ago Today:

10 Months Ago Today: WWJD & Leek and Tomato Fritta {WWJD is an amazing story written by my sister. Excuse the typos- they are my fault!}

8 Months Ago Today: Girls Can Grill 2.0- Corn on the Cob

6 Months Ago Today: Recap- Change the Triangle July Event

5 Months Ago Today: The Law of Created Luck

3 Months Ago Today: On the Menu for the Week & TAD Day #1

P.S. Love this article- a parent’s perspective on her daughter quitting a high-paying job. It aligns well with my post here.

{This post is dedicated to a friend who needs vegetarian recipe inspiration}

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