I’m sitting with my sister on the couch and she is begging me to write a life update on my blog- which is funny, because she knows everything that goes on in my life!

I was about to type “The past few weeks have been a whirlwind” but I realized 1) I overuse the expression “whirlwind” and 2) when is my life not a whirlwind?! Good thing I like it hectic.

  • Smashingly successful open house for our coworking space (officially The Raleigh Forum); tons of people came out to explore the space, mingle, and enjoy our refreshments
  • Endless promotions for the space
  • Hired an Office Assistant (that’s right, we have an employee! So cool)
  • Spoke with my sister about The Raleigh Forum at a Ladies NC networking event
  • Assigned to several new projects at my recruiting job
  • Put the almost-final touches on my apartment- pictures coming soon! Let’s just say I’m very happy
  • Did a Warrior Dash-esque run through Umstead Park
  • Made

Four whole days since my last post! Sorry for slacking; I’ve been busy livin’ up my last few weeks of undergrad!


  • Last exam ever (until grad school), including my last night studying for hours in the on-campus Starbucks
  • Two Nationals game (one with friends, one with co-workers)
  • Cinco de Mayo roof party
  • Washington Diplomat golf tournament (grilling, driving golf carts, delivering beers to ambassadors. You know, the usual)
  • Hours on the roof with friends and/or books!
  • A bajillion emails to potential GW Bites investors
  • Summer trip to Norway booked
Coming up:
  • Patio grilling (today!)
  • Last Arganica produce box AND $25 worth of random, awesome stuff
  • Mothers’ Day (how do I send flowers to Rwanda?!)
  • LivingSocial Adventure- Sunset Kayaking and Tequila Sunrises
  • Babysitting for my two favorite babies
  • Launch party for theStrEATS
  • GRADUATION- a whole weekend with family and friends :)
P.S. Did you notice that I added pages to my blog? Check out the “Mentions” tab and the “Connect with Me” tab!
  • Worked all day
  • Went to U St with a friend- We ate at Dukem, which is probably the most popular Ethiopian restaurant on U St. We left Foggy Bottom at 7:30 and got home just before midnight! It was one of those glorious hours-long dinners- I confirmed with a guy friend that males do not do this; I told him he was missing out


  • Enjoyed the amazing DC weather during a short walk
  • Loaded up on Starbucks coffee
  • Stopped by Borders- it’s going out of business, so I bought a soup cookbook and a present for my sister
  • Headed to the photo lab- made two prints in record time [though still 3 hours]
  • Pasta with anchovies and walnuts [recipe to come]
  • Babysat

Back from a great break in NC. As predicted, it was filled with holiday drinks from Starbucks, delicious food, road tripping, intermittent country and pop music, bonding, Friends episodes, Better Homes and Gardens reading, knitting, and being silly.

Fun new news:

  • Record number of GW Bites orders this week. I’m seeing exponential growth!
  • A mom wants to put GW Bites coupons in her daughter’s stockings. GREAT idea
  • Took up knitting again- so old-school but it will make great holiday presents
  • I’m “catering” my class’ meal to celebrate the end of the semester
  • I had a fantastic- and fun!- interview yesterday. Fingers crossed!
  • I get to babysit for the family with the baby again! I adore her, so I’m VERY excited
  • Two of my best friend’s birthdays are next week!

I’m a bit overwhelmed- I don’t think I’ve ever been forced so quickly back into school mode after break. I have a ton of assignments due, but I’m trying to keep myself on an even keel by balancing school and fun!

I’m supposed to be doing work with a friend. She’s diligently typing away on her class assignment while I diligently blog :)

So far this evening, we have:

  • Made home-made pizza
  • Roasted red, orange, and yellow peppers
  • Sipped wine
  • Drank vanilla caramel truffle tea
  • Baked carrot spice cupcakes
  • Finished up Kiva Days materials for tomorrow
  • Laughed a lot
  • Facebook stalked
  • Looked at cute babies
  • Applied to a babysitting job
  • Been silly and weird
  • Avoided homework

Perhaps not the most productive evening, but definitely full of fun!

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