I miss my little blog! For the past few years, it’s been a consistent place for me to document my day-to-day happenings, my favorite recipes (especially during my transition to gluten-free eating), my career journey, and my advice for dominating the online world through online presence management. As I said before, I always hear other people say that their blog is the first thing to go when they get busy, but that hasn’t been the case for me- until now.

I’ve been trying to make an effort to get offline more, especially now that my entire job consists of online work. Pinning recipes is not the same as making them. Looking at images of yoga poses is not the same as going to yoga class. Reading book reviews is not the same as reading books. I’m trying to remember all of that,

I wish I was drinking coffee and doing work by the pool!

Apologies for my silence lately! Life has been hectic (but good!) lately and drafting blog posts has taken a backseat for a few days.

Since the announcement of The Raleigh Forum joining forces with HUB Raleigh, my days have been full of emailing potential coworkers, managing social media for The Raleigh Forum and HUB Raleigh, attending meetings, clearing out our email inbox (from 597 emails to a big ZERO. Best feeling!), getting effective processes in place…oh, and babysitting, working 40 hours in recruiting, running the membership committee for Change the Triangle, keeping up with exercising and eating healthy, and being a 23 year old.

No complaints- I love the adrenaline of several intense weeks of work fueled by iced coffee, ethnic food, and the occasional episode of Bachelor Pad to reclaim my sanity (but why oh why is Jamie gone?! That girl made the show!).

This weekend I’m off to Wilmington for a bachelorette party for Lauren. My sister is the maid of honor in her wedding and she’s like a big sister to me- she even came to my graduation. We have a few surprises in store, so I’m excited to post more on that next week! If you have any ideas to make the weekend spectacular, leave a comment or tweet me!

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I randomly thought about my

I love this post from The New Professional on doing what you love or loving what you do {not necessarily the same, but also not necessarily mutually exclusive}.

Yes and Yes has become one of my favorite blogs- I love that it highlights interesting topics, stories, and debates and isn’t just a clone of every other lifestyle blog out there. Check out Let’s Stop Pretending It’s Always Easy and On Privacy, Honesty, Other Bloggers, and Oversharing.

Love this post on changing “yes but” to “yes and”

I need to do this gluten-free Raleigh bar crawl {though I wasn’t crazy about Lilly’s when I went}! And speaking of gluten-free, here is a great post from Gluten Free Girl on some of the lessons she learned from traveling gluten-free. On a related note: I bought San-J gluten-free soy sauce packets to take for on-the-go sushi!

I was really moved by The Freedom of Not Needing to Be Right on Tiny Buddha, where the tagline is “simple wisdom for complex lives.”

Have you seen this image? The words that immediately jump out at you are supposed to describe you. I really hope my first doesn’t describe me but my third word was passionate, which I think is fitting.

Props to Heather on what turned out to be an amazing collaborative photo shoot gone right- I love the pictures!

Here’s some great advice on changing your environment in order to change your behavior

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It’s sometimes difficult to find beneficial, enticing blogs that you can’t wait to catch up on. I have several “go tos,” but it’s always nice to periodically add a few more! Here’s how I find worthwhile blogs:

Blog rolls- once you find blogs that you love, see what blogs they love {blog rolls are generally found on the right sidebar}

Tags on WordPress- click here for a list of the most common tags or on your WordPress homepage, click the “Read Blogs” tab. You can add topics there {I have added “Raleigh,” “Social Enterprise,” and “Gluten-Free Cooking.”

FoodPress.com- their tagline is “Serving up the hottest dishes on WordPress” and they are indeed! Search through posts that have been “FoodPressed” to find new recipes on new blogs {one of my posts popped up on the site one time!}

Google Reader- once you have added a subscription, click “Feed settings,” then “More like this”

Comments- I periodically browse through the comments on my favorite blogs. Commenters are often bloggers and you can follow their URLs back to their pages!

Pinterest- This newbie platform is quickly shifting the game of blogging. It’s incredible to me that I can send a picture to Pinterest and have hundreds of hits to my blog within minutes. Search for random interesting topics to find a carefully curated group of results, which ultimately link back to blogs.

How else do you find cool blogs to follow?

For an explanation of my “Cristina Chats” series, click

During the wine tasting event with the

It’s yet another week of being inspired by food posts from my “friends” in the blogosphere! I love going through my Google Reader on Sunday, starring the recipe posts that catch my eye, making a grocery list, filling up my cart {usually at Trader Joe’s}, and then holing up in the kitchen for the night. Cooking is one of the only times I don’t touch my phone or care if it rings. Very liberating :)

Pasta with Cabbage and Leeks

  1. The public can be mean. Haters of The Pioneer Woman

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Sometimes I sit for long periods browsing mindlessly and

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