On Friday night, a group of us went to ComedyWorx for the late night improv show. It was soo much fun and a great way to get out without doing the typical bar hopping night. We grabbed a super healthy dinner of fries and burgers at Mo Joes and then headed to the show and grabbed a few beers at the bar there. It was a super fun audience- when they asked for adjectives we heard “juicy,” “raunchy,” and “silly,” along with several less blog appropriate ones :) Definitely our type of crowd haha.

Yesterday I went over to Durham to chat with the Compass Fellows mentors at Duke. It is a fun, inspiring group of five upperclassmen who will guide fifteen incoming freshmen in a social entrepreneurship fellowship over the next year.

It was awesome to be able to share what I learned as a founding mentor at GWU; I had a lot to share, both from my successes and my mistakes. I hope that hearing from me was beneficial for them! I also extended an invite to The Raleigh Forum to them and their fellows. I thought it would be useful to chat with me and my sister, since we just went through the entire process of starting a business- from generating an idea to forming an LLC to finding an accountant to opening the business (well, almost- September 1!)/

But one of the coolest parts of the day was our “taste tripping” party. Trust me, it sounds much more illicit than it is :) You pop an mberry pill

PSA to individuals in the Triangle who are committed to the field of social entrepreneurship: Compass Fellows is coming to Duke! Help spread the word.

The Compass Fellowship, now in its second year of growth and supported by The Kenneth Cole Foundation, is seeking the most ambitious, passionate freshmen students in 12 campuses worldwide to learn how to be effective social entrepreneurs.

It’s an exciting process: almost 2,000 will apply, but, given 15 fellowship openings per campus, only the best 180 will be selected. Think of it as

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