I really relate to Tina’s non-plan. I used to be such a planner in life, but now I’m comfortable seeing what things come my way. It doesn’t mean I have less ambition or drive, it just means I’m not sure of the direction life will take me!

I also relate to these 3 Communications Mistakes You’re Making at Work. My mom used to remind me not to tag a question mark to the end of sentences, because it makes you look less sure of yourself?.

I used to be against mixing sweet and savory together, but now I’m all about it. Case in point: Apple Cheddar Chicken Tartines with Honey Dijon Roasted Potatoes now look delicious to me.

Love these lessons from the Shark Tank: How to Lose an Offer in 15 Minutes or Less.

A really cool example of a business doing good (and I’m sure it will benefit them in the long run- no shame in that): AirBnB Helps Homeless Sandy Victims Find Free Shelter.

Sarah of Yes and Yes always cracks me up. Exhibit A: 13 Things That Are Annoying (Unless You’re the One Doing Them).

And since I’m addicted to soup: Spiced Red Lentil, Tomato, and Kale Soup from Oh She Glows.

And to close:

Desk Coffee

Here’s what I’ve been reading online for the past few weeks:

Classy Career Girl had some great advice on how to follow up with your network. A few great ideas: send them a link or resource, offer to volunteer with them, and send them a link to your blog.

Also for job seekers: CollegeRecruiter shows you how to appear determined, not aggressive

I love this post from The New Professional on doing what you love or loving what you do {not necessarily the same, but also not necessarily mutually exclusive}.

Yes and Yes has become one of my favorite blogs- I love that it highlights interesting topics, stories, and debates and isn’t just a clone of every other lifestyle blog out there. Check out Let’s Stop Pretending It’s Always Easy and On Privacy, Honesty, Other Bloggers, and Oversharing.

Love this post on changing “yes but” to “yes and”

I need to do this gluten-free Raleigh bar crawl {though I wasn’t crazy about Lilly’s when I went}! And speaking of gluten-free, here is a great post from Gluten Free Girl on some of the lessons she learned from traveling gluten-free. On a related note: I bought San-J gluten-free soy sauce packets to take for on-the-go sushi!

I was really moved by The Freedom of Not Needing to Be Right on Tiny Buddha, where the tagline is “simple wisdom for complex lives.”

Have you seen this image? The words that immediately jump out at you are supposed to describe you. I really hope my first doesn’t describe me but my third word was passionate, which I think is fitting.

Props to Heather on what turned out to be an amazing collaborative photo shoot gone right- I love the pictures!

Here’s some great advice on changing your environment in order to change your behavior

Straight from The Kitchn: the best way to measure fresh herbs.

Allie of Eat Run Read got to attend a fancy dinner hosted Chobani- all the dishes contained the Greek yogurt. Now that is smart marketing :) I may or may not have my own little Chobani posts in the works :) In the meantime, follow my Chobani updates on Twitter!

Still confused about giving up gluten? Here’s a little crash course.

Be careful not to make these 3 LinkedIn blunders when job searching!

From The New Professional- four questions to ask when you’re lacking direction

{Some of these links may seem a bit outdated since I wait until I have a full list until posting!}

Stephanie from Noshtopia wrote a helpful piece on resources to help you avoid chemical cuisine. While I’m not super strict about what I eat, I agree with her philosophy- staying away from “additives, preservatives, antibiotics, hormones, pesticides, GMOs, pink slime and anything not made by Mother Nature” as much as possible!

Along the same lines, I love Allie of Live Laugh Eat’s list of

Yet another clever post from Apartment Therapy- this one is 4 Ways to Use Industrial Restaurant Equipment in the Office.

I stumbled across Don’s post, entitled 100 Days at a Startup, on Freshly Pressed this morning. I love the quote he leads with:

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