Straight from The Kitchn: the best way to measure fresh herbs.

Allie of Eat Run Read got to attend a fancy dinner hosted Chobani- all the dishes contained the Greek yogurt. Now that is smart marketing :) I may or may not have my own little Chobani posts in the works :) In the meantime, follow my Chobani updates on Twitter!

Still confused about giving up gluten? Here’s a little crash course.

Be careful not to make these 3 LinkedIn blunders when job searching!

From The New Professional- four questions to ask when you’re lacking direction

It’s interesting for me to look at which blog posts of mine get the most traffic vs which ones are my favorite. There is some overlap between the two.

Since I read a billion resumes every week, I spend a lot of time thinking about common debates in the Human Resources/Recruiting world.

  • Objective or no objective: I don’t have one, but I am considering adding one. I like them if they are done correctly. Don’t apply to a social commerce company and tell me you’re interested in agriculture! I like ones that use strong words like “proactive” and “passionate.” Phrases like “hard worker” and “follow instructions” mean nothing to me.
  • WPM: I think it’s odd to include this for a position other than Executive Assistant/Administrative Assistant/Office Assistant, etc
  • Salary range requested: I’m interested in knowing others’ opinions on this. Some companies mandate it, but unless they do, I generally think too forward to mention it in your cover letter.
  • Education: Where do you list it? I’ve always put it on the top of my resume, but I often see it at the bottom. I don’t have a strong opinion on this.
  • Acknowledging that you aren’t a “traditional fit”: I respect this. When someone has a resume that doesn’t directly fit the job description, I like reading their reason for applying in their cover letter as long as

I have quite a bit of experience reading resumes- I chose 24 guides for Community Building Community, I helped choose 15 freshmen for Compass Partners, I’m in the process of hiring an Office Assistant with my sister…oh, and I work in a recruiting department.

So what advice do I have?

  • Don’t worry about applying to more than one job in a company, but don’t apply to too many (I get wary around 4/5)
  • Always read the instructions. Then re-read them. Then re-read them again. We’ve tossed applications for the Office Assistant position because they failed to write a paragraph on why they’re perfect for the job (which we specifically asked for).
  • Don’t
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