Last week, the blog girls had another meet-up at a local business. This time we went to Videri, a chocolate factory in The Depot near downtown Raleigh. What better place to hang out with a group of girls than a chocolate factory (as long as it’s not Willy Wonka’s. That place is creepy)?!

Videri is a bean-to-bar factory, meaning they complete the whole process of sorting the beans, roasting them, and making the bars all in one place.

I got there a few minutes early and snapped some pictures of the space. It’s so cool!

I just got back from a press conference with the mayor and I am so excited to write this post as the adrenaline dies down a bit!

Remember last May when I blogged about sister entrepreneurship? Later in May, my sister and I started discussing the possibility of opening a coworking space. We signed a lease and got our keys to the space at the beginning of August. We opened in September and met some of the coolest coworkers we could have imagined. And this May, we were approached about the possibility of collaborating in some capacity with a new coworking space. Given that our one year anniversary was approaching, we figured it was an ideal time to reassess our model and examine our strengths and limitations. After a lot of thought, we decided that we felt it was the right time for a big change.

And now it’s official! On Monday, my sister and I signed papers to join forces with HUB Raleigh, an awesome coworking space that is opening on September 15. We will be bringing our community to the new space, promoting The HUB through marketing initiatives, and running community-based events (remember our awesome Raleighwood party?!).

The timing of meeting the founders was strangely coincidental, but we believe that everything happens for a reason. We are so excited about the change and our new roles; it feels like the right move. Best of all, we’ll both be able to continue to balance our other jobs with our continued interest in promoting collaboration, community, and entrepreneurship in Raleigh.

Do you ever wonder if the people behind the blogs you read really disclose everything about their lives? I’d wager that nobody does completely. I was unable to tell you all about this transition (partly because we were instructed to keep it on the down low, but also because I wouldn’t want to announce something and then have it not pan out), but I’m glad it can be out in the open now!

I will do a more complete post about the space and its amenities (with pictures and the application in case you’re interested in joining!) in the next day or two, but in the meantime, check out HUB Raleigh on the following platforms:

Email //

As I cleared out my queue of 105 draft blog posts (pretty crazy, huh?), I came across a Raleigh to do list that I made awhile back.

Lake Johnson at night

Here’s my progress:

  • Lunch at PieBird
  • Brunch at Humble Pie {When my friends from DC were in town}
  • A special exhibit at the NC Museum of Art {Rembrandt}
  • Show at DPAC {Chicago!}
  • Show at NC Theatre
  • Concert at Lincoln Theatre {Breakfast Club- plus TEDxRaleigh}
  • Concert at the Amphitheatre
  • Farmers’ market {Crawfish Day!}
  • Day at CAM
  • All lakes
  • Tequila tasting at Jibarra {Did a vertical tequila flight with friends, then traveled to Calavera for margaritas!}
  • Chocolate tasting at Vidieri {Did it but hoping to do it for an upcoming bloggers’ event}
  • Beer flights at Tasty Beverage Co & Big Boss Brewery
  • Pullen Park, post-renovations {Took the kids I babysit there}
  • Museum of Natural Science
  • Lunch or dinner at Lilly’s Pizza
  • Brunch at Poole’s Diner {Girls’ brunch!}
  • Listen to jazz at Zydeco
  • Hurricanes hockey game
  • Drinks at Boylan Bridge Brewpub {Several times but our upcoming Change the Triangle social is there too}

NC State Farmers’ Market

What else is on your Raleigh to do list? Which of the things above have you done?

After we saw Cynthia of Ornamentea speak on the panel at the NCMA Pinup Event, Sara D suggested that we host a blog girls event at Ornamentea, a local bead and jewelry store. Located just off Glenwood Avenue, the store offers jewelry making classes, which seemed like a great idea for a group of bloggers!

They graciously offered to let us do an earring making class free of charge, which meant we had more money to spend in the store after :)

My earrings {take 9576- I was so indecisive} and jewelry making tools

Colette, Sara D, me, Linnie, Erica, Jessica, and Elisabeth with our earrings! Our token silly picture didn’t come out very well. Love the lanterns on the ceiling!
Bead options and my sparkly clutch
Cute set-up in the jewelry making room {my birthstone is ruby!}. This table held our Cupcake wine and snacks!
Fabric swatches in the store

Bead wall
Any store with free coffee or tea is guaranteed to have repeat business from me :)

Two sets of earrings for $8 {hooks and charms bought separately}! Continuing my obsession with nautical-themed/starfish jewelry haha

Thank you so much to Ornamentea for hosting us! I’ll definitely be back.


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I randomly thought about my

My family from Norway

Note: Reposted in full because WordPress seems to be having some issues this morning!

for part i of creative {romantic & friend} date ideas, click here!

rent sunfish sailboats at lake crabtree

photo credit

bring wine and cheese and watch planes from the observation deck at the rdu airport

listen to live music:

jazz at koka booth amphitheater on wednesday evenings

sunday evenings at fred fletcher

music on the porch at carolina theater on friday evenings

seaboard station on friday evenings

*visit the morehead planetarium and science center in chapel hill

photo credit

*take a trip to the new wing of the museum of natural sciences

go to an amusement park [carowinds or king

I’m always looking for fun, new things to do- both on dates and with friends, so I assume my friends and readers are too! It’s easy to get stuck in a rut [dinner and a movie anyone?], but I always find it enjoyable to branch out, discover new things in my city, and have funny stories to share!

Thank you to Sara Rose for helping me compile this list!

I have a confession. I currently have 70 {yes, 70!} half-written blog post sitting in my draft folder. Yikes. One that I’ve been meaning to write since last July was where to find the best hole-in-the-wall ethnic food in Raleigh.

My buddy and I made plans to get take-out Pho {Vietnamese soup} the other night. As we were driving up Capital Blvd and deciding which Pho restaurant to go to, we decided to get a dish from each place and pit them against each other in a super-intense food competition. Yes, this is what I do with my time. Haha! I knew it was a blog post in the making.

The competitors {drum roll, please}:

Pho Cali: 3310 Capital Blvd

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