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This morning I read one of Kaileen Elise’s Creative Weekend To Do Lists and felt inspired to write my own!

I’m headed up to DC around lunchtime today. Here’s what’s in store {subject to change based on the whims of three twenty-something girls!}:

  • Solo road trip with Boyfriend, Give Your Heart a Break, and Back in Time. And probably Ridin’ Solo, since it’s fitting
  • Pit stops for coffee and bubble gum {gotta have bubble gum on road trips!}
  • Jazz in the Garden with sangria
  • A night out at the Bottom Line, one of our favorite college bars
  • Brunch, most likely with bottomless mimosas
  • Tons of picture taking- with my SLR and Instagram
  • Dressing up in my city clothes :)
  • Wandering through different DC neighborhoods
  • Nostalgic

On Sunday, we ate brunch here:

[caption id=”attachment_2052″ align=”aligncenter” width=”400″ caption=”b.matthews on Bay Street


On Sunday, my sister and I decided to take a spontaneous trip to a vineyard as part of our “leaving work at work” pact. We are of course still in love with Raleigh, but it’s nice to get away to rejuvenate and refresh every so often- or in my case, accidentally every weekend (DC then vineyard then DC again!).

So we grabbed PSLs from Starbucks, pumped up the iPod, rolled the windows down, put on the cruise control, and acted like the silly sisters we are.

On Saturday afternoon, I realized I had a long weekend ahead of me with no concrete plans. I tossed around a few ideas: staying at home and having a self-indulgent pampering weekend, go on a tubing trip with a few friends, host a cook out, drive to the mountains for a solo retreat. But I decided to text a friend who still lives in DC and see if I could make a spontaneous road trip up there. Ah, the beauty of having a car!

Our first text was at 3pm and at 7pm- after a vigorous game of tennis (and a shower, of course!), I hopped in the car with my “niece” (my sister’s dog). It ended up being the perfect escape that I needed- taking a break from Raleigh and a break from work.

  • Relaxing road trip blasting country and top 40. Nothing clears the mind like driving with the windows down and the heat up (it was chilly!) with beautiful scenery and the occasional smell of campfires
  • Lounging on Saturday night
  • Early morning yoga class (which was a hilarious disaster- it was just me, my friend, and her sister. It was my friend’s first time and halfway through the class, my toe started bleeding! Poor instructor)
  • Bottomless mimosa brunch at Daily Grill on Sunday. I didn’t partake, because I don’t like how unproductive I feel when I drink even one mimosa in the morning! But the buffet brunch was amazinggg.
  • Pumpkin spice coffee
  • Taking the pup on a walk in the Palisades by Georgetown
  • Changing back into sweats to watch 2012 (eek!)
  • Margs and fajitas at Los Cuates in Georgetown
  • A fun night out at Dupont bars
  • Driving my friend to work in downtown DC and grabbing Starbucks
  • Meeting back up with her for lunch at our favorite restaurant, Nooshi.

It’s a good thing my other friend doesn’t read my blog because she’d be upset that we did all her favorite things haha.

All in all, a splendid and well-timed mini trip that left me refreshed and energized for the week.

As in, Atlantic City to DC to North Carolina!

On Saturday, the girls packed up our awesome New Jersey-inspired outfits and hopped in a light blue mini-van en route to Atlantic City. After about 5 hours (including unexpected detours and plenty of pit stops) of techno music and sweet dance moves, we arrived in the classiest place on earth- Atlantic City!! We crammed 9 girls into 1 room (shh, don’t tell the Harrah’s staff). Many of the details are not suited for a blog, but let’s just say we had tons of fun- I even gambled and won 2 whole dollars! And then lost it, but that’s neither here nor there.

I’m back in DC for approximately 34 more hours then I hop in a rental car and make a solo road trip to NC for Thanksgiving- and you better believe I’ll be blasting Iyaz’s aptly titled song “Solo.” Then it’s 5 days of home-cooked food, Christmas music, seasonal Starbucks drinks, Friends (the Thanksgiving episodes), and lounging with my sister on the couch- pretty much our favorite place in the townhouse. We’re also headed to a little log cabin for a night to get fresh air, turn off our cell phones, and run around with my nieces (aka her dogs).

Standing between me and break:

  • One midterm
  • One paper
  • One day of work

Also- check out the article on GW Bites in this morning’s Hatchet: Delivering dorm-friendly dinners. I don’t like the picture, but I’m just happy to get publicity :) Thank you to the writer, the photographer, and all my awesome customers who were interviewed!

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