This weekend was crazy! There were several mishaps, but overall, I had a great time because my friend was in town! We indulged in pork nachos and PBR at Raleigh Times, brunched with his Chapel Hill friend {and my new friend!} at Irregardless, imbibed during the St. Patrick’s Day parade and consequent celebration in Moore Square, met some of my neighbors, and watched Friends and Scary Movie 4 {such a ridiculous movie!}.

After he left, I played a long round of tennis with my partner {such an amazing feeling to get back out after

Oh my gosh, three whole days without blogging- this is unprecedented! :)

Recap of the past week:

  • Wine night with a friend…we had so much to catch up on that we wrote out a post-it note with a “to talk about” list!
  • Delivery, couch, and Bethenny Ever After night with a different friend
  • Several great runs throughout DC
  • Am officially writing a guest post for BGSKCollege
  • Found out on Wednesday at 4pm that I had an exam on Thursday at 9:35am. Whoops!
  • Elaborate home-cooked meal for a friend
  • Discovered The Cookery, a kitchen incubator in Durham, NC! Perhaps it will be the new home of GW Bites (soon to be NCSU Bites as well?) come fall.
  • Put my name on a waiting list for an apartment in Raleigh
  • Am in the process of launching Harmonized Living
  • Weekend with my sister and her friend [Cherry Blossoms, brunch at Luna in Dupont, roof time, MK&A movie night haha, GW regatta at the Waterfront, Nooshi for dinner]. It was great introducing my sister’s friend to the obligatory DC things, but I think we all enjoyed our chill lounging time the most!

After writing all of this, I realized that I never announced my final post-grad plans. I will officially (well, almost officially?) be moving to Raleigh to work virtually and pursue my ventures on the side.

I’ve established a new morning tradition (does two days count as a “tradition”?!) that I love. I wake up, eat a small bowl of oatmeal (with flax!) and go on a run. As of today, I even have a new running buddy! As we got down by the Tidal Basin, it began to torrentially downpour, which spiced up our run a bit. I think I am actually more energized during “rain runs.”

Back to my new routine- when I get home, I reward myself with a healthy smoothie using my new mini-blender.

Yesterday’s smoothie, based on Monsters from Oh She Glows:

  • 1/2 frozen banana
  • A dash of Mango OJ
  • A big splash of soy milk
  • A scoop of almond butter

Today’s smoothie:

  • 1/2 frozen banana
  • A big splash of soy milk
  • A scoop of almond butter
  • 1/2 cup of refrigerated coconut macaroon coffee

Yum! An easy way to get protein, fruit…and caffeine :)

This week has been a bit chaotic (what week isn’t?!) and stressful. There’s been TONS of fun stuff too, so I’m trying to keep that in mind as the week dies down and a jam-packed weekend begins.

The less-than-awesome:

  • Constant stomachaches and fatigue
  • Stress over photography (limited open lab hours + 2 assignments due = loads of stress!)
  • Lengthy grant application due for class next week
  • Senioritis and a general lack of motivation
  • Not feeling like my weekends are mine

The awesome:

  • Feasted on amazing fajitas and margaritas at Fiesta in Dupont
  • Wrote a 20 page business plan in 20 hours (woohoo go GW Bites!)
  • Had a great night out with the girls (wine night at home then a few low key bars)
  • A reunion with a friend I haven’t seen in a month
  • Fajita leftovers, more Leek Potato Soup [can'], Ziti with Roasted Zucchini, & Ming’s Chinese
  • A million Friends episodes
  • BGSKCollege article on GW Bites
  • Several great runs around the city

And I made the most of it :)

  • St. Patty’s Day celebration in Chinatown with co-workers
  • Several long runs/walks around the city [Exorcist stairs, C & O Canal, 14th and P, Rosslyn, U St, etc]
  • Two Carolina games [we won both, naturally]
  • A long evening spent in the “Chill Pad,” a makeshift lounging area on my friend’s fire escape, which overlooks Pennsylvania Ave
  • Brunch up on the roof [peach mango mimosas, banana pumpkin walnut muffins, &

I went to the gym today for the first time in…awhile! I’ve done some outside running but I’ve been very inconsistent.

Some people hate the act of working out but love the end result. I love both.

I love pushing myself. I love an excuse to read trashy tabloids on the treadmill. I love listening to long-lost songs on my iPod. I love seeing people I know at the gym. I love having to wipe away sweat. I love wearing cute gym clothes.

I also love being able to say I’m a runner. The “runners’ high” I have for the rest of the day. The way I’m more conscious of my physical health overall. The way I feel more self-confident.

My problem: I get into a good work out groove- a consistent schedule but not obsessive. But once I miss one or two days of working out, it’s nearly impossible to get me back on track.

My solution:

  • Review this blog post frequently
  • Think of each work out as a way to improve my day (instead of focusing too heavily on future benefits)
  • Update my iPod so that I’m looking to hearing a special work out playlist
  • Save my Better Homes and Gardens magazine for gym days
  • Invest (every so often) in new well-fitting gym attire
  • Remember that all I have to do is put on my clothes. Once I’m in them, I know I’m going on a run

Any other advice?

  • Playing with baby nephew
  • Museum of Natural History with Birthright kids :)
  • Megabus to DC
  • Cooking [recipes to come]
  • Homemade dinner with friends
  • Photo lab
  • Couch day with a friend- Life is Beautiful and What Not to Wear marathon!
  • Compass Bootcamp- a whole day of refining the freshmen Fellows’ business ventures
  • Picked up Scars of War, Wounds of Peace- The Israeli-Arab Tragedy
  • Run through DC in beautiful weather
  • Wine night with a friend

All in all, a nice [mostly] relaxing weekend…perfect for readjusting to “normal” life while still incorporating my post-Birthright resolutions:

  • Take a computer and phone break every day
  • Go hiking at least once every two weeks
  • Travel abroad after school
  • Read the Israel-Palestinian NYTimes column
  • Do something new/fun every Sunday
  • Read books + watch movies about my culture [Life is Beautiful, Exodus, Elie Wiesel Goes Home]
  1. Travel to two interesting new places- Going to Israel for Birthright in February, Costa Rica for spring break in March, and possibly Norway in June!
  2. Finish half-marathon- I’ve completed a 10 mile race, but I would love to finish a half-marathon
  3. Be consistent with work out schedule- I can’t always commit to x number of work out per weeks, but I want to stay on track with my fitness
  4. Find a job I love for next year- As a graduating senior, this is one of my top priorities!
  5. Raise GPA .02 points- I’m just .02 GPA points away from my personal goal.
  6. Continue blogging- I’ve loved blogging (here and on the GW Bites blog) and I want to keep it up! It encourages me to have a positive outlook on life and always search for ways to make my life fresh. Be it home decorating, cooking, or social enterprise, I love having a creative outlet to express myself.
  7. Launch one new business/social venture- I have tons up my sleeve! Stay tuned.
  8. Thrive at my internship- I love the company I’m interning with, and

So it’s Wednesday morning(ish), but I’m still rehashing the amazing Memorial Day weekend I had- out in Raleigh, Durham Bulls game, and the best part- boating all day Monday. For $20, I spent the entire day relaxing, floating, tanning, playing games, and having fun with 9 other awesome people! We already have our next boat trip planned…plus another one during my birthday weekend!

I also looked at my calendar and realized how crazy the rest of the summer will be. We literally do not have a free weekend until the end of July.

In order: my brother’s wedding weekend at The Tides Inn in Virginia, Susan B Komen 5K run, Jordan Lake clean up event (RSVP here!), Rascal Flatts concert, boating, DC for 4th of July, Toby Keith concert, my birthday weekend (packed with events already!), and the Tim McGraw concert. Whew! Definitely NOT a boring summer!

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