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Ready for another San Francisco recap? Here are my other San Francisco posts so far: Happy Monday from San Francisco, Golden Gate Bridge Day, A Big Thank You, and A Surreal Hiking Experience.

On Saturday morning, we picked up coffee at a nearby Starbucks- Karrie stayed home and we had a miscommunication, which resulted in forgetting her coffee. The barista wrote “Forgotten Friend” on her cup instead of her name. Haha so sad!

We drove to Benecia, my friend’s hometown, to pick up his dad, admire their view, and grab lunch at Kinder’s Meats and Deli (I got the marinated ball tip steak sandwich sans bread and it was delicious!).

Then off to Napa we went! Our first stop was at the beautiful Signorello Estate, where we sampled wines by the pool. We had a stunning view, great wine, perfect weather, and tons of laughs. What more can you ask for on a day in Napa?!

P.S. Like the photo collages I’ve been doing lately? I’ve been using PicMonkey.com, which is a free browser tool that lets you edit photos and make collages. I’m a huge fan of their easy-to-use interface, numerous features, and obviously the free factor!

As I mentioned in my Weekend in Paradise post, I went to Shelton Vineyards in Yadkin Valley, North Carolina for the first time this past weekend. It’s owned by brothers Ed and Charlie Shelton

My friends knew they wouldn’t be able to spend my birthday with me in July, so they planned a birthday surprise for this past weekend. I knew it involved food but I wasn’t sure exactly what it would be until we grabbed iced coffees from Dean and Deluca, turned the corner, and saw Taste of Georgetown, which is an annual festival with food samples, wine and beer tastings, and live jazz. Seriously? An outdoor festival where I get to eat, drink, listen to music, and hang out my friends?! Best present ever.

My friends got a deal for five food tastings and six drink samples! It doesn’t sound like a lot, but we were stuffed- we had to leave, digest, and come back to finish!

By the way, if you follow my blog for gluten-free inspiration, turn away now. I’m about to really disappoint. But I couldn’t say no to all the amazing offerings!

First up- wine at approximately 10:45am. Our first sample was SkinnyGirl wine, because we love

I pretty much relate to every word in this post by Gen Y Girl, entitled “You Don’t Have to Have It All Figured Out.” Can’t believe it’s been almost a year since I graduated! P.S. I think Kayla and I could be good friends if we lived in the same city :)

I love the Oprah quote at the end of Elle’s post on being thankful.

Here’s a pretty crazy True Story from Yes and Yes: My Mom Made Me Smuggle Drugs.

I need to study these 6 Pro Tips for Tasting Wine

What do you expect when you put a bunch of bloggers in a room with wine? Well, lots of girl talk, giddiness, and giggles, for one thing. But also a wholeee buncha blog posts over the course of the next few days!

Here’s a roundup of the blog girls’ blog posts from our

First order of business: what should the official name of Triangle young female bloggers group be?! It’s quite a mouthful as is {that’s what she said}.

On to the more exciting stuff: last night, I joined a few of the

I just got back from the Bahamas yesterday, so I should be doing a tribute post, right? I’m working on it but my sister and friends put so much pressure on me to have a magnificent post, so I have to put tons of thought into it :)

In the meantime, I wanted to post an invite to any

I am finally getting around to posting some long overdue photos. On my sister’s birthday, part of her surprise scavenger hunt was a trip to a vineyard in Pine Level, North Carolina called Hinnant Family Vineyards. We had a blast sampling the muscadine wines {which I recently discovered are my favorite kind of grape!} for only $5. And we got wine glasses to take home- I added mine to my growing collection {which includes

After lots of

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