On Thursday evening, I jumped in Pearl {my car}, blasted 90s music, and drove to DC, stopping for dinner and snacks along the way.

I spent part of Friday working from the Starbucks in Georgetown, grabbed a make-your-own bibimbap for lunch at Rice Bar

A friend recently commented that his least favorite thing about visiting DC was that everyone’s first question is always “What do you do?” He interpreted this as a way for people to determine his social status and judge him accordingly. He very well might be right in this assumption.

But admittedly, it’s almost always one of the first questions out of my mouth when I meet a new person. First, it gives us a jumping off point for further conversation- if I find out that I’m speaking to a fellow recruiter, I can ask them their opinion on job interviewers demanding interviewee’s Facebook passwords. Or whether they think Pinterest is the new place for job seekers.

But I think what really prompts me to ask the question is that I assume {perhaps often incorrectly} that others enjoy discussing work as much as I do. I’ve always said I never want to be the person at a cocktail party who can’t say “I love my job!” but I suppose not everyone strives for that goal.

Lest someone think I’m a career snob, I have a solution. I’ve now started saying “What do you do…for fun?” Really throws ‘em off!

What do you think? Is asking “What do you do?” curiosity or snobbery?

What a fantastic trip to DC- it was filled with two days at the office getting to know my new coworkers and seeing my old team and then two days of

Words of wisdom

Hello, blogging!


I have a confession to make. I told my 25-year-old sister that her lunch box was dorky, which resulted in her discontinuing its use. I then proceeded to buy my own several weeks later.

Wow, the past few days have been a complete whirlwind of emotions. I would say a rollercoaster, but that would imply ups and downs, and this has been just ups!

It started on Monday when my boss sent me an email with the subject “can i sent you to rtp on thurs.” No body of the email, but of course my immediate reaction was a resounding YES.

Late Tuesday night, I managed to book a flight and on Thursday, I high-tailed it to the airport. As I was passing the time before boarding, I browsed the Twitter

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